Industrial optimization_

Digital intelligence at the service of industrial optimization !

The challenges of digital intelligence in the field ofIndustrial optimization_

Digital intelligence plays an essential role in the field of industrial optimization. Here are our skills:

  • Centralization and processing of data : collection of data from multiple industrial systems, transforming them into formats adapted to the specific needs of the targeted application.

  • Design focused on user experience (UX/UI) : our UX/UI skills are user-centric, ensuring an intuitive interface. Each solution is tailor-made according to business roles, whether for operators, distributors, maintenance or customers.

  • Relevant visualization : we create impactful visualizations for industrial asset tracking, turning data into actionable insights.

  • Security : data protection is a priority. Our solutions meet industry security standards, guaranteeing the confidentiality and integrity of information.

  • Modularity : our applications dialogue harmoniously with other systems thanks to APIs, whether they are third-party applications, equipment or other assets.

  • Code quality : rigorous testing and constant monitoring ensure code quality, meeting the high demands of the industry.

  • Understanding of industrial processes: our approach includes workshops and close collaboration with business experts, in order to grasp operational subtleties and respond precisely to needs.

  • Integration with our customers : we ensure the smooth deployment and integration of our software solutions within the infrastructure of our customers.

  • Proactive alerts and maintenance : our system collects and transmits relevant information, facilitating targeted and timely interventions.

  • Supervision / hypervision : our know-how extends to the development of complete industrial surveillance applications. From fleet management to alerts, indicators, charts and after-sales portals, our solutions are a window to optimal management. Easily manage user roles and permissions.