How to improve the profitability of agricultural logistics ?_

This is the challenge that our OSE team took on, with the aim of creating a fun and ergonomic user interface, to optimize the profitability of production sites.



Our client operates in the sector of production, storage and sale of raw materials. In a tense energy context, it is crucial to control and optimize energy consumption on production and storage sites. The use of digital tools makes it possible to automate the supervision of the different stages of production, handling and storage of raw materials, thus promoting optimal use of facilities and logistics.
The objective of this project is to develop a user interface designed specifically for the management and monitoring of raw materials, a key element of the activity.


Operation of a dryer:

A dryer is initially filled with raw materials, then burners and fans are activated to dry the raw materials over a set period of time. A trap located below the dryer is opened to collect the dried seeds.

Effective management of a dryer involves taking into account business and quality constraints, while optimizing costs. This includes :

  • Determination of the temperature at which the burners must operate.

  • Calculation of the times between the different extractions to obtain the desired humidity level at the output.

  • Tracking of previous settings and results to optimize future extractions and improve profitability.


Solution developed by OSE_

We have designed a web application that offers an optimal user experience thanks to an intuitive dashboard, equipped with multiple filters for different types of raw materials. Users can easily enter and save their data via user-friendly forms. Additionally, our app automatically displays dryer operating times based on raw material quantities, as well as real-time electricity consumption, providing a comprehensive view of operational efficiency.

We provided our client with a turnkey solution that consolidates all data, allowing real-time monitoring of the entire system. In addition, our solution includes an intuitive administration interface that allows the customer to easily integrate new dryers into their system.


After that ?_

Multiple development perspectives are available to us, including monitoring stock levels, monitoring the progress of the drying process or even the development of algorithms aimed at optimizing the use of dryers, all in the aim of maximizing profitability.


3 OSE developers mobilized

For 5 months