Definition of the optimal route based on winds and tides

Operational research algorithm to find the optimal route, factoring in multiple criteria and constraints.

Intelligence Artificielle :


  • Maritime transport (which represents 90 % of the commercial goods transported worldwide and 1/8th of the energy consumed in the transport sector) is constantly growing.
  • The IMO (International Maritime Organization) is working to reduce CO2 emissions by 70 % by 2050.
  • Optimising route could reduce their consumption and thus their environmental footprint by 10 to 20 %.


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Development of an algorithm taking into account weather data, waterway regulations and ship parameters, to calculate an optimal multi-criteria route (duration, consumption, power, safety, etc.).

OSE's missions : Data Science & Computer Science

  • Recovery, storage and processing of real-time data (weather) and static data (regulations)
  • Big data analysis and contextualisation
  • Development of a graph model to take this data into account
  • Development of different consumption models
  • Development of an optimisation algorithm for multiple criteria (journey time, energy consumption, safety, etc.)

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Intelligence artificielle : performance d'une coque de navire

Benefits of OSE's solution

The solution takes multiple parameters into consideration, with a scalable algorithmic architecture to facilitate the addition of new parameters.

4 OSE developers mobilised

In 6 months

Codevelopment with GTT Digital, in charge of software development and marketing