Our team

OSE has brought together a team of experts from the best scientific and academic backgrounds, united by a shared passion for their mission.

Because people are at the heart of our approach, OSE relies on a close-knit and committed team at the service of our customers. Together, we meet the industrial challenges of today and tomorrow by putting science at the service of engineering.

  • Mikael Volut

    Mikael VOLUT

    General Manager and Co-founder

    A graduate of ENS Cachan, Mikael co-founded OSE with Nicolas in 2014. Over the years, Mikael has become an expert in modelling complex systems and optimisation algorithms, building on his mechanical training.

  • Nicolas

    Nicolas BORDET

    General Manager and Co-founder

    Nicolas is passionate about physics and engineering. After completing his PhD in energy studies and spending 10+ years in the world of automobiles and physical modelling, Nicolas co-founded OSE with Mikael in 2014.

  • Emilie Delhaye

    Emilie DELHAYE

    Office Manager

    Emilie is our super assistant, supporting the team and handling tasks related to administration, company life, marketing or communication.

  • Christophe Leclercq

    Christophe LECLERCQ

    Head of the modeling and simulation department

    Christophe is an expert in simulation and fluid dynamics. Having graduated from ENS Cachan, Christophe wrote his thesis in partnership with EDF as part of the CIFRE scheme. He subsequently ventured into scientific calculation in the industrial sector.

  • Matthieu Vanicat

    Matthieu VANICAT

    Head of the artificial intelligence department

    Matthieu is our expert in applied mathematics and artificial intelligence. A graduate of ENS Cachan, he earned his PhD in theoretical physics. He began his career in academic research before moving into the data science and machine learning industry.

  • Yann Volut

    Yann VOLUT

    Head of the computer science department

    Yann is a computer science and algorithm specialist. He graduated from the École Polytechnique and the École des Mines de Paris. In his work at OSE, Yann is able to draw on his industrial knowledge and R&D experience in the aeronautics and energy production sectors.

  • Yves Paquette


    R&D Engineer – Physical Modeling

    After studying engineering and earning a PhD in fluid mechanics, Yves continued his academic career by spending 2 years at the University of London. Finally, he decided to bring his numerical calculation skills to OSE.

  • Richard GRIZIVATZ

    Richard GRIZIVATZ

    R&D engineer – AI

    Richard graduated from the École Centrale de Lyon. He specialises in data science and applied mathematics, with a master’s degree from the University of Lyon and experience as a data scientist in the e-commerce industry.

  • Lucile

    Lucile PRINT-ZANET

    R&D Engineer – Software development

    Lucile graduated from Polytech Orléans, where she specialised in IT development. Having worked for several large industrial groups (and as a mountain guide), she joined the OSE team as a software developer.

  • R

    Romain GRAZIANI

    R&D engineer – AI

    Romain is a graduate of ENS Cachan and holds an Agrégation in physics. He obtained his PhD in astrophysics at the University of Lyon and pursued primary research at the postdoctoral level. A true Python guru, he also brings his impressive statistical skills to OSE.

  • Cédric Maigrot

    Cédric MAIGROT

    R&D engineer – AI

    Cédric earned his PhD in computer science at INRIA (the National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology), specialising in machine learning. An expert in natural language processing and image processing, he is also a talented big data developer and analyst.

  • Edwin Solano Araque

    Edwin Solano Araque

    R&D Engineer – Command Control

    Edwin graduated from Polytech Orléans and earned a master’s degree in electronics at ENS Cachan. He then decided to specialise in instrumentation and control and energy optimisation, writing his thesis in partnership with Renault under the CIFRE scheme.

  • Christian Hiricoiu

    Christian Hiricoiu

    R&D Engineer – Algorithm

    After graduating from Arts et Métiers ParisTech as a mechanical engineer, he began working with simulation and design tools for carbon fibre and composite aeroplane structures. He joined OSE as an algorithm and software engineer.

  • Adrien Pereira

    Adrien Pereira

    R&D Engineer – Physical Modeling

    Adrien has a degree in engineering from SIGMA Clermont. He spent over 3 years working as an expert in mechanical and structural simulation in the aeronautical industry. He also has a keen interest in programming and optimisation methods.

  • Anouk Nicolopoulos

    Anouk Nicolopoulos

    R&D engineer – AI

    Anouk is a graduate of ENS Cachan and holds an Agrégation in mathematics. After completing her PhD at the Sorbonne and undertaking postdoctoral research at the University of Zurich, she decided to apply mathematics to industrial problems.

  • Antoine Renaud

    Antoine Renaud

    R&D engineer – AI

    Having earned a degree in physics at ENS Cachan and written his thesis at ENS Lyon, Antoine dedicated himself to postdoctoral research in geophysics and climate science at the University of Edinburgh.

  • Baptiste Maingret

    Baptiste MAINGRET

    R&D Engineer – AI

    Baptiste graduated from INSA (the National Institutes of Science and Technology) in Lyon. He spent 5 years working as a consultant, supporting key accounts throughout their digital transformation projects. Baptiste joined us after his first foray into the medical field.

  • Bastien Monmarson

    Bastien MONMARSON

    R&D Engineer – Physical Modeling

    After completing his master’s degree in mechanics and energy studies, Bastien earned a PhD in computational fluid dynamics at the LEGI in Grenoble, followed by postdoctoral research. He then channelled his skills into the world of renewable energy and energy savings.

  • M

    Marko CVOKIC

    R&D Engineer – AI

    During his 10+ years working for an energy provider, Marko was responsible for portfolio management, pricing, market risk management, and optimising industrial assets (mainly gas and electricity).

  • Vincent GUITSCHULA

    Vincent GUITSCHULA

    R&D Engineer – AI

    Vincent graduated as an engineer with a double degree from ENSEA. He also earned a research master’s degree from CY Tech in the fields of artificial intelligence, signal processing and complex systems.

  • Simon Florysiak


    Front-end developer

    After obtaining a professional degree in Technologie de l’information et Internet, Simon undertook further training as a front-end developer. He develops web applications.

  • Alexandre Crevel

    Alexandre CREVEL

    Web developer

    After 10 years as a systems and network administrator in ESN, Alexandre made a professional transition to become a Web and mobile Web developer.

  • Quentin Rivoire

    Quentin Rivoire

    R&D Engineer – Modeling Simulation

    A generalist engineer from ENSAM, Quentin specialised in digital simulation. He then worked on issues related to hydrofoil development in the maritime sector.

  • Mohamed Cissé

    Mohamed CISSE

    R&D Engineer – IA

    Mohamed earned a PhD in operational research after studying computer engineering. After several years in the academic and industrial world, he joined OSE as an operational research engineer.

  • Pierre Montfort

    Pierre Montfort

    Lead Project Manager

    Pierre graduated in Naval Architecture from ENSTA ParisTech. After a great experience in piloting R&D and industrial projects in different groups, he brings us his skills in project management.

  • Jules Guioth

    Jules Guioth

    R&D Engineer – Modelisation

    Jules graduated from ENS Paris-Saclay in fundamental physics. After a thesis in theoretical physics, he pursued research in statistical physics and probability in the applied mathematics department before joining the physics laboratory of the ÉNS de Lyon.

  • Silvère Gangloff

    Silvère Gangloff

    R&D Engineer – IA

    Normalien (ENS Ulm) and Agrégé in mathematics, Silvère defended a thesis in mathematics and conducted research as a post-doctoral researcher for 4 years at the crossroads of mathematics, physics and computer science.

  • Benedicte Galmiche

    Bénédicte Galmiche

    Front-end developer

    Bénédicte has a doctorate in physics from the University of Orléans. After having held various positions in motorsport and the oil industry, she decided to specialise in web development.

  • Claire Cariou

    Claire Cariou

    UX / UI Designer

    After obtaining a Professional Title in Multimedia Graphics 9 years ago, Claire worked for different companies, both in their mode of operation and in their sectors of activity, where she was able to develop her skills in UI UX Design. but also in web development.

  • Alexandre Teiller

    Alexandre Teiller

    R&D Engineer – IA

  • Thibaut France

    Thibaut France

    R&D Engineer – IA

  • José Ambiel

    José Ambiel

    R&D Engineer – IA

  • Mathieu Gamung

    Matthieu Garnung

    R&D Engineer – Modelisation

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