Smart shipping dedicated to LNG carriers

A new mission for our maritime consulting engineers : optimizing the environmental and economic performance of LNG transport.

smart shipping

Physical modeling and AI orchestrate the operational excellence of LNG carriers

LNG carriers transporting LNG are very complex physical systems, where the thermodynamic state of the cargo and its evaporation is closely coupled to the ship’s propulsion, the reliquefaction system (if the ship has one) and the conditions meteorological (wind, sea state, etc.).

Depending on the choice of piloting coupled with the weather, there is an impact on LNG consumption and therefore on the quantity unloaded on arrival.

To expand its smart shipping offer, GTT therefore wishes to provide shipowners with an operational assistance tool in order to optimize the overall consumption of the boat while respecting time constraints and quality of delivery. Thus, LNG losses on arrival are minimized.


What is smart shipping?

Smart shipping, or intelligent ship, is a concept that provides automated assistance to personnel on board or remotely using high-performance tools.


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Development of an AI based on physical modeling, experimental data and operational reality to optimize cargo management and increase the environmental and economic performance of the ship.

Data Science, AI & Modeling at the service of smart shipping

  • Data recovery and analysis of historical experimental data from sensors to understand the reality and operational constraints of LNG carriers.
  • Development of automatic operation recognition and performance calculation algorithms.
  • Development, using a hybrid approach combining physical modeling and machine learning, of a digital twin to faithfully simulate the behavior of the ship and its cargo.
  • Taking into account the weather forecasts in the models in order to propose a piloting which allows to consume as little as possible.
  • Development of an AI algorithm giving operational advice to optimize cargo management.
Intelligence artificielle : performance d'une coque de navire

Benefits of OSE's solution

Our maritime engineering consultancy was able to provide operational advice in order to reduce losses while ensuring delivery on time and of the required quality, the concrete gains of which are as follows:

  • – Maximization of the quantity of LNG delivered on arrival
  • – Facilitation of the management of unloading constraints

Co-development with GTT Digital