Optimisation and management of a fleet of robots_

Web development and algorithms for urban logistics robots.



  • Urban logistics are not meeting citizens’ expectations in terms of both environmental concerns and the services provided.

  • TwinswHeel is working to transform urban logistics through the introduction of autonomous electric mobile assistants.


OSE's missions : Data Science and Computer Science_

  • Development of trajectory calculation algorithms and definition of optimal routes

  • Development of a web application to connect to the fleet of robots

  • Development of several web modules allowing for: video streaming, remote operation, remote control of data collection, creation of navigation maps, and interactive viewing and editing of the network used by the robots for navigation

Development of algorithms to calculate trajectories and find optimal routes, and development of a web application to host the various applications used to operate the robots.


Benefits of OSE's solution_

Optimising robot operations and streamlining data collection.


4 OSE developers mobilised

In 6 months

Codevelopment with robot developers