What if our cars ran on hydrogen ?_

The main objective of the project is to demonstrate the feasibility of decarbonizing a utility vehicle by converting its internal combustion engine to hydrogen.


The HyMot project_

With 31% of French greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, transport is the activity that contributes the most to France’s GHGs. Working to decarbonize it is therefore a major societal issue, in addition to being a challenge for companies operating in this sector.

It is in this sense that the HyMot project is part of, led by a consortium in which OSE Engineering participates. This ambitious partnership, thanks to the sharing of skills between private and high-level public players, will thus have a concrete impact on the decarbonization of the transport sector, through the implementation of an innovative and sustainable solution for the automotive industry.

This project is an important step for the development of a French sector of excellence in hydrogen, and opens up concrete economic prospects on French territory: sustainability of industrial sites and development of skills on hydrogen throughout the value.


HyMot project : our OSE missions_

  • Characterization of customer uses of commercial vehicles using tools from human sciences, data sciences and advanced statistical analysis.

  • Evolution of the OSEroad tool, developed by our team, to generate a large number of driving cycles representative of customer uses of commercial vehicles and certification. This tool is based on detailed mapping data, driver behavior modeling (representative of observed driving usage) and the use of customer usage statistics.

  • This database of driving cycles makes it possible to simulate a virtual fleet of utility vehicles and to precisely evaluate the performance of the hydrogen engine in real conditions of use.

OSE contributes its know-how in the analysis of massive data and customer usage, in modeling driver behavior and in evaluating the performance of a system in real conditions of use.


The benefits of OSE expertise_

The work carried out by our team within the framework of the HyMot project allows:

  • to help with the most accurate sizing of the hydrogen engine, so that it responds exactly to customer needs while controlling manufacturing costs.

  • to numerically evaluate the performance of the engine in real conditions of use.

Project supported under the Investments for the Future Program (PIA) operated by ADEME.


8 OSE developers mobilised

In 3 months

Collaboration with 7 other actors (Alpine Racing, Bosch France, l’Ecole Centrale de Nantes, Faurecia Système d’Échappement, IFP Énergies Nouvelles, Renault, Total Energies)