Definition of operational profiles for each vessel_

How to predict the performance of your system in real conditions of use ?


The context_

The IMO, CII, EEDI standards encourage more and more precise design methods in order to guarantee compliance with them while controlling the cost of ships. In this sense, the use of typical/realistic operational profiles allows a better estimation of performance via simulation models, and therefore an accurate dimensioning of ships.

The project was born from a collaboration with Siemens Digital Industries Software whose objective is to build and integrate realistic operational profiles in the new version of Simcenter. This software makes it possible to simulate the performance of a ship in real conditions of use.


The objective_

Generate shipping routes that are statistically representative of what a ship encounters during operations. These routes include a geographical route, but also the speed, power and consumption behavior associated with various realistic weather conditions, for seven different types of ships (container ships, cruises, etc.).

The methods and solutions developed in the maritime context on the generation of typical stresses of a system can be transposed to other industries, such as for example :

- Automobile

- Aeronautics

- Energy production systems


The methods_

By analyzing historical navigation data using advanced clustering techniques, we were able to identify the statistical properties of the journeys and operational profiles of each category of vessel. These properties allow us to generate typical routes that we then simulate at different past dates in order to assess the weather conditions that may be encountered.


2 OSE developers mobilised

Co-development with Siemens Digital Industries Software