System Modeling Engineer_

CDI - Full Remote

Job Description_

As part of its development and strengthening of its skills in modeling and algorithm development, OSE is actively looking for an Energy Systems Modeling Engineer in 100% teleworking whose main missions are :

  • Development of approaches based on modeling

  • Development of 0D/1D digital models

  • Development of data-driven digital twins

  • Deployment and validation of these approaches

The systems studied are mainly physical energy systems. The candidate will have to delve into the operation and physics of the different systems studied and will have to deal with operational and professional constraints.

This position is attached to the modeling and simulation division. The engineer will be required to collaborate daily with teams with a broad spectrum of skills:

  • Internally, with engineers from the data science and software development skills centers;

  • Externally, with the company's clients (pre-project meeting, progress meeting, demonstrations, etc.).

The position is full remote. One-off and occasional trips to clients are to be expected.


  • Develop 0D/1D physical and dynamic models of different components of the energy chain that can call on multi-domain skills: thermal and thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, mechanics, power electronics, etc.

  • Carry out the functional analysis of a system and define solutions and a modeling architecture to be implemented to meet the need.

  • Analyze data from systems in operation

  • Propose processes (experimental or other) allowing the calibration then the validation of the models set up by using data collected on the systems in operation.

  • Participation in pre-project meetings / Costing

  • Transcription of customer needs into a technical specification

  • Proposal for developing solutions based on the company's know-how with a view to marketing them.


  • Engineer or University graduate with a Bac+5 with a specialization in design/modeling of energy systems or a doctorate (Bac+8) in this field

  • First experience in the development of physical models applied to energy or mechatronic systems (maritime, automobile, aeronautics, energy production)

  • Good knowledge of the physics of energy systems

  • Good knowledge and mastery of development and system modeling languages ​​and environments (e.g. Matlab/Simulink, Python)

  • Knowledge or notions of real-time integration and prototyping environments and digital communications

  • Open to learning new programming languages

  • Open to developing new skills

  • Autonomous and likes to solve problems

  • Creative and proactive